Monday, July 26, 2010

Brasserie Bread

Hubby took me out for lunch yesterday to Brasserie Bread. It was the same place that was on Masterchef. Strangely enough we live quite close to this place and I have never seen it before yesterday. I don't usually go to a place that I see on the telly, we only decided to go there yesterday after driving past it, and realised when inside, that this was the same place.

Well I have to say this was a wonderful find. It was so tasty, not to loud or cramped and the food was divine.

I had a smoked trout with feta and poached eggs. Hubby had a sandwich with haloumi, pickles, yoghurt, tomatoes and spinach, delicious. I also saw these wonderful looking pancakes coming out, I will definitely try those next time! Even the coffee was great, usually we are disappointed by the coffee, but this was great, not burnt or too hot, just perfect with the food offerings. I have to give it at least an 8/10. We will be going again regularly.

Check out the website, there are classes, you can also order bread online.

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