Friday, July 30, 2010


Today is a strange day.
To begin with it is Friday, oh happy day.
My husband comes home tonight from his week away for work, awesome day.
A friend of mine is in labour as I type, wonderful, amazing day.
Today there was a funeral, what a very sad day.

Funerals always make me think about the life I feel I'm missing. I live with anxiety, and it stops me from doing so much. The only thing that helps me get through the day, is thinking it will be a good day today. I now try to use mindfulness to help me through anxiety. I strive to look at what I have achieved throughout each day. Instead of what I haven't done, but what I have done. And look at that like a  triumph, no matter how small.

Remember today, to tell the one's you love how much they mean to you. Even if you don't, or can't say I love you, show them in kindness. Make them a cup of tea, without asking. Bake them a cake or cookies not just for a birthday. Whatever makes them smile, not you.

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