Monday, August 2, 2010


Yesterday after my usual early morning wake up call from chucky, he always comes running into the room, takes a leap of faith jump onto the bed, cause it is very high up for him, and tucks himself in on my side of the bed to snuggle, and give kisses, hubby and I decided that we should go out for brunch.

Well I've got to say that I am so glad that we did! We went to one of my usual haunts Surry Hills in Sydney. After walking up and down deciding on what place to eat at, most of them are so good, we decided on a place we had never tried before, 4ate5. The only thing that lets this place down is the coffee. It had a burnt, metallic taste to it, but yet it was cold! Strange! The food on the other hand was delicious! My only gripe is that I thought my pancakes were swimming in way too much diabetic inducing maple syrup. Don't get me wrong I love my sugar fix, but this was excessive....

I had the special, buttermilk pancakes with a delicious ice-cream, of cherry and chocolate (I think, sorry I forgot!) Also topped with these beautiful warmed bananas, served in the skin but they easily slid out, with cherries, strawberries, and rhubarb mash amazing!
While hubby had french toast. It came with the cherries, strawberries and rhubarb mash also. But the surprise came when he cut into the toast and found a banana inside! Just divine! We will be going again sometime soon. Only the coffee lets them down, and being so heavy handed with the syrup. 7/10

                                                                   The french toast
                                                                     The pancakes

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