Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Next to a Kookaburra

I am sitting outside, on a deck next to a kookaburra, in the distance I can hear the waves crash on the beach. He/she is laughing, contently in a low branch next to the deck. It's a warm day, the sunshine is finally out, it seems for the whole day!

Life doesn't get any better than this...

If only more people could be like the kookaburra. Laughing at the world. I definitely need to learn this skill. Sometimes I let things get the better of me, when they shouldn't. I don't know how to let go of my fears, and just let it be.

I have been following posts about anxiety by Deepak Chopra. I'm working on finding my inner peace. And trying to find help for anxiety and the fears that fills my life. I find that keeping myself busy, and being able to laugh, even if it is at myself really helpful!

This made me laugh so much when I saw this picture. I took a photo of my dog chucky, and the flash went off, I didn't mean to do that to the poor mutt! But it did make me laugh today though...

"This doesn’t mean that you should fight against your mind. “Calm down” and “There’s nothing to worry about” are useless phrases when other people try them; they are equally useless when you try them on yourself. The mind that fights with itself only adds another layer of anxiety, because when you know that fighting the fear is pointless, you feel more helpless. The way to healing is always the same: find your true self, become whole, rise above the divided self. Even though worry is milder and less disabling than phobias or panic attacks, it needs to be healed if you want to find the kind of inner peace that no one can take away from you." Deepak Chopra.


  1. What an awesome shot of a kookaburra!

    And little Chucky made me smile too :)

  2. Thank you 'Chanel11' My Chucky makes me smile all the time!


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