Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Soaping Tragedy

Today I made a soap loaf. It was a disaster. I was trying to make a chocolate, raspberry and cinnamon sugar smelling loaf. I had made cinnamon previously and had a few bars left over, so I decided to cube them and put them in between the layers of chocolate and raspberry for something different.

Everything was going really well. The bottom layer was the chocolate, it was perfect! And smelled so yummy. I then pressed the cinnamon cubes halfway into this layer, again perfect. Then while mixing the top layer, and having it at a light trace, this is when I like to add my fragrance oils, I added the raspberry, and to my horror, it split!! It was oily, and lumpy on the top, and the bottom layer is a crumbly mess.

What is going on?!!?? Why did this happen? After lots of Internet research I found out that, It was the fragrance oil that I used. I mostly use the Brambleberry range, but the raspberry I purchased elsewhere. With the Brambleberry they tell you if this is going to work in cold pressed or not. But the other place does not, so I decided to chance it. Why did I do this? I knew it was a mistake when I poured it in. I am hoping that the 'ricing' can be saved with the re-batching method. If not this will just devastate me. It is the worst thing that has happened since I started the soaping....I hope it never happens again. I know I will only be buying from brambleberry in the future! At least they bother to test their products!

I have just tried the hand milling process. I'm waiting to see if that save's this horrid loaf.... At least it smells great!

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