Monday, August 16, 2010

A Tale Of 2 Dogs

This is a little post about my dog. Let me start with where I am right now...

I have been living all over the place at the moment. Hubby has a job where we move around a fair bit, about every 1-2 years.

We have been frantically trying to find a place to rent, but are just finding it really difficult. So while he works up north, I've decided to stay with my parents.

I miss my husband everyday, but I hate the idea of having to travel back and forth every weekend or even during the week!

I have a chihuahua. But so do my parents. They haven't been fighting or anything, but they don't along that well either. The older and larger dog, is Pepe, my mum's dog. He is a very gentle wise old dog, placid and quiet. On the other hand, I own Charlie, his nickname is Chucky for a reason. He is young crazy and boisterous, he loves to run around and just bark right up in Pepe's face! This freaks poor Pepe out so much and his little ears go down and he runs.

But Chucky loves cuddles, and Pepe is so very warm, and he is constantly trying to hop into Pepes bed. But Pepe growls at him to get out, and let him have his old man nap!

Well today I found them like this, and they stayed like that for about an hour... Just gorgeous! I hope this means it is the start of a beautiful friendship.

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  1. i miss you too my love

    the dogs look adorable :)


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