Saturday, August 28, 2010

William Street Festival

Today Hubby and I stumbled on the William Street Paddington Street Fair.  Paddington Alive was so much fun. It had such a wonderful community feel to it.

On offer were beanbags, a ping pong table, DJ, beers, beautiful big style icon posters hanging from the balconies, live music, cupcakes, champagne and macarons!

And not to forget the beautiful stores that are there,  Leona Edminston, Alimentari (beautiful small deli style cafe) Pratten, Nudie Jeans, The Corner Shop, William Chocolate Shop (yes of coarse I bought some chocolates!) Elegantly Scant, Collette Dinnigan, Ginger and Smart (one of my favourite designers), Tigerlily, phew and that's just a few.

I have to say I did feel a slight pang, for the residents near Paddington Alive. See I used to live just off this street, and it was always impossible to find parking in the best of times. I cannot imagine how they felt about the festival, the noise, parking and so many people....But not having to be a resident anymore, it had such a beautiful neighbourhood kinship feel to it that I missed living here with every footstep.

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