Friday, September 10, 2010

Nice Weather for Ducks.

Yesterday started out really beautiful. Pancakes with maple'd raspberries and creme fraiche.

It was sunny and warm, so the dog, Chucky and I sat outside for a while, he slept, while I read and had a cup of tea.
Then it started to rain and get really humid, when I heard something outside. Ducks!!! What the? Ducks? In my front yard? Cute but a little vicious. One of them came after me for getting too close with the camera, hilarious!


  1. Oh my goodness I don't know what I want more: pancakes, Chucky or those ducks!!!

  2. Those pancakes look delicious, I have had pancakes on my mind lately haha they seem to be popping up everywhere.

  3. How cute is that lil pup! Sounds like a perfect time ;) xoxo

  4. Thanks everyone for your lovely comments. It was such a lovely day. Chucky is such a good boy, and great company for me! The ducks were like the cherry on such a fantastic day! Too cute not to share :)

  5. I love your blog!

    This looks so delicious!

    Have a nice time!

  6. chucky! oh my god he is precious. what is his temperament like(if you don't mind my asking..)

  7. Thanks for your comment 'hollypop' I don't mind talking about chuck at all! :)
    Chuck is a lovely little dog. He is a chihuahua, and so many people think they are yappy and horrible. I have had chi's for over 11 years now, and find they are wonderful companions, and have never been aggressive. Chucky is a protective little man, he does like to bark sometimes, and only play bites. Most of the time, he is whining to sit on my lap! He just loves to be wherever I am. Chihuahua's have a very strong bonding nature, and really love humans. And they will attach themselves to one person as their mother or father type.
    They need lots of love, and understanding cause they are so small.
    I believe that any dog can be vicious, if provoked, or trained that way. SO another words he is very much a mumma's boy and loves to play, eat chicken and go for walks!


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