Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My New "Job"

Recently I have been set a task of baking for my husbands fellow workers!

This is the best job in the world. I have a HUGE love of baking and to be paid to do this is wonderful! Also to feed people that appreciate it so much is a bonus. It really makes my day :)

I have been stuck in my house with nothing to do. My husband moves around about every 1-2 years for his work, and so I end up always doing.... well not much at all. I have been feeling so restless recently.  I have anxiety issues, and the best thing for me it to keep busy! I just cannot find what I am meant to do right now....

I usually work in a job I don't like much cause no-one really wants to employ someone permanently that moves around so much. The amount of times that I have been asked in interviews, "so how long are you going to be living here?" is really frustrating cause, I'm actually a pretty loyal and dedicated worker.

Well anyway this new role suits me fine. I love nothing better than creating new recipes and baking them. Much like my soap fascination, it takes time to find a recipe, or write your own, buy the best produce and create something special.

Also I have a large amount of beautiful organic vanilla beans calling out to me to bake with them.

So there may be many more posts about baking very soon!! :)


  1. Thank you I am very happy to be baking for the team!

  2. Ahhh! This is fabulous! One of the keys to happiness is having a job that you are passionate about, that is fun :) Well done, Leah! Cant wait to see even more fabulous baked goodies on your blog!

    Heidi xo


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