Sunday, October 17, 2010

Taking it Easy

I have had such a lazy day yesterday. Didn't feel up to doing anything.

This week I have been quite sick. I don't know what happened but since Monday I haven't been able to feel any better. I am tired with aches and pains, and so grateful that I am able to stay at home feeling sorry for myself.

I have had to pull out all the big guns this week. I don't like to take medication at all, maybe I am lucky but I don't feel the need for headache or pain relief. I have been feeling very blah, flat and not myself, and contimlated taking something one day when i had a headache, but ened up being able to sleep it off. I have been lucky as to have an array of movies and TV shows to watch over and over, to name a few: gossip girl, trueblood, 90210, and Dexter. I know they aren't intellectual but I make no apologies I love these shows!

All week I have been making super healthy food for hubby and I to eat. 'Chicken' (I use the massel chicken style powders), and vege soups even adding the wontons I made not long ago, salads, lots of fruit, laksa's, everything I usually use as my 'drugs' to get better.
Cauliflower and mushroom soup

Greek salad with pine nuts and avocado

Most of the time I really enjoy eating vegetarian with a few vegan dishes thrown in, but every now and then I will eat fish, and rarely some meat. The older I get the more I don't agree with eating meat for humane reasons. But find that I cannot give up meat completely, or if I do which I did in the past, cannot call myself a 'vegetarian'. I think it is false to say that, as I know I am mostly likely going to eat meat again at one point.

I don't know what to call myself, and have always wondered why people like to label themselves when it comes our eating habits. I think it is personal, and doesn't offend me what people want to eat, if anything it fascinates me that it cause's such a debate among people. People still find it amazing that you don't want to eat meat. I find it most difficult with going out for dinner, the vegetarian options are still very boring! You would think in this day and age with the Masterchef extravaganza and people's 'new found' love of cooking etc, that the options would be better. I was so excited when I read in Grazia just this week that they had a 'Vegetarian Fare' section, wahoo! But if it wasn't beans on toast it was a very complicated tarte or salad. The only ones that looked appealing was the gnocchi and the artichoke dishes! Please most vego's like to have 'normal' food, not such complicated fare!

Ok ill get down off my horse now.....


  1. Your food looks delicious - and congrats on the no meds! That's awesome. I find that as a mostly vegetarian that I end up eating a lot of pasta when we go out. That and salads. There really aren't a lot of other veggie options for us out there.

  2. With some great tv couch time and awesome food above, I'm sure you'll be feeling better soon :)

  3. I hope you are feeling better. I have been ill too! Decided to give some night time codrals a go as I just wasn't functioning unfortunately they seem to react with me and I felt much worse. Since then I have been medicating with honey tea, ginger, garlic, chili and my favourite soups : Laksa and Tom Yum. I've also been watching The Hills (terrible I know) and trashy movies.

  4. Feel better, Leah! Your soups and healthy eating all look fabulous.
    I'm not vegetarian but many of my good friends are. It is always risotto, cannelloni or a tart on the menu, you're right! I would love to see more inspired recipes.
    Heidi xo

  5. Thanks girls for the well wishes. I am finally starting to feel better today :)


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