Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wednesday Fun

My day so far....

Woke up this morning and felt like pruning and planting. I planted some parsley seeds, hopefully they will take off soon, before it starts to get cooler.

Pruned my raspberry plant. Not long now till im feasting on fresh raspberries!! It's the second flush of fruit in only a short space of time :)

 My pentas, I have 4 colours. I love the baby pink, so pretty :)

I also planted an Impatiens. It is the first I've ever had so I hope I don't kill it. It is like a gorgeous baby rose bush, tight little buds with a lovely hot pink colour.

I just realised that most of my flowers are a pink variety ;)

After the gardening, I sat down for a cup of white and rose tea, with a lovely jaffa macaron from Zumbo. Zumbo's macarons are my favourite in Sydney.

Then I went for a drive with Chucky, was too lovely a day to sit at home, so we went for a walk near one of the gorgeous beaches. One side is a big national park, and on the other side is a stunning white sandy beach. We have a few beaches here, but the one in this photo is my favourite.

Chuck always takes a nap when we drive no matter how long we are in the car.


  1. ur dog is so cute! oh, and u just made me want spring here now!

  2. Wednesday fun indeed! What lovely plants, I would love to have a raspberry plant. I adore your tea cup, so pretty. and I so wish to try a Zumbo macaron - one day!
    Heidi xo


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