Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Nursery and Budgets

Being pregnant, and having budgets shouldn't be in the same sentence. It seems having babies is a very expensive prospect.

While getting my extensive list together yesterday for everything that I will need very soon, I came across some beautiful nurseries and baby products I had to share. I just love a nursery. I am a big fan of a simple white, or antique looking furniture. I don't like clutter, or too many colours and crazy animals.

On the animal note, what's with people dressing their children like one?? Panda outfits, little bears a giraffe! I have seen many little onesies with animal ears on the hoodies. I find it a little kooky that you'd want to dress your child like an animal. Maybe it's just me, but I don't get it.... I understand the fact that you want your child to look cute, but a furry little animal??? Aren't they cute enough?

I would like to pick a theme for our room, and go with that, but my fear is that I don't have the creative flair to make it a success. Also, not knowing the sex of the baby makes it difficult to decorate! Well we kind of do know the sex, but we are needing confirmation because the baby is never really in the proper position! Cheeky little one I have!

I love this nursery. I would add a splash of colour, like a lavender or a soft blue.

Readers what theme and colours do you think would be suitable? Needs to be a gender neutral theme.


  1. The nursery I covet would have to be the one in Father Of The Bride II. Crazy, I know! It's filled with soft toys and plush upholstery it's BEAUTIFUL!

    To you it would probably be far too cluttered though... I love it!

    You can find it here:

  2. Wow, that nursery is just lovely!

    But I agree, a splash of colour definitely livens things up. I love the idea of pale blue (for either a girl or boy). I also love bright apple green with white trimmings.

    I saw this the other day

    and fell in love with it. Pale blue, but for a girl. It's so fresh and comfortable looking.

  3. Oh i like the Father of the Bride nursery! Blithely Unaware, but it is just a little too clustered for me. But very cute, love the big giraffe! Thanks for commenting, love your blog :)

    Julia I'm really loving the pale blue or even a minty sort of colour for both boys or girls. Thanks for the link, and the comment ;)

  4. So gorgeous sweetie, super exciting to be planning your nursery. I wish I was planning 1 (should probably plan that wedding first!)

    I love all the old school vintage looking bassinets and prams

    For a splash of uni sex colour I love the idea of pale lavender, pale green or pale yellow or if you are feeling adventurous bright apple green!

  5. Thanks for your comment Shailisa. Yeah you should be busy planning your wedding miss! Wedding's are so much fun to plan, I loved organising mine. Yellow is one of my favourite colours on babies ;)

  6. What a stunning nursery! Chic and pretty :o

  7. I love that nursery too! It's a gorgeous blend of delicate and vintage, to my mind. I have no idea of those words adequately describe it to anyone else :P

  8. I know whatever you choose is going to be fab - although I do like things to be kept simple and uncluttered like yourself. Everything to have its place and be calm and serene. But you MUST purchase a rocking chair! I must for every nursery!

    Soph xx

  9. Yeah Sophie, i have been debating whether to buy a rocking chair or not!
    I saw a beautiful white one the other day...Might think about it still.

  10. This room you have posted looks gorgeous!! I love the antique feel. I have always liked a white (or maybe light grey) and yellow combination. Those are neutral colours. Whatever you choose will be great though - you have good taste! Lavender would be divine. How fun!! But you're right, expensive!
    Heidi xo


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