Thursday, April 7, 2011

Nursery Update

Well not long now. I have about 3 1/2 months to go till baby arrives!

I'm excited, nervous and very emotional. I love feeling the baby move around in there, it's creepy and cute all at the same time. The strangest thing is when the bub kicks so hard or moves around so much , it wakes you in the middle of the night, I wasn't ready for that. No one told me it was going to be like that. Or that sometimes it hurts, especially when they grind up against your ribs, or hips!

I have also been shopping up a storm! We did the big ticket items, mostly ikea, on a recent weekend. Cot, change table, and a couple small drawers. Hubby and I decided to purchase the cot and drawers unfinished as they were SO much cheaper than going for painted finishes. I have decided to start painting the furniture myself, so much fun :) It also gives me something to do while I impatiently await the arrival of this little angel.

My husband is a whiz at putting together all the furniture, I am completely hopeless! I have this fear that if I tried to put the ikea furniture together, it'll fall apart!!! He even put the bassinet together NO INSTRUCTIONS!!!

                                          The baby's room

We also squeezed in one of my favourite takeaway foods for lunch, Thai from Thai-riffic! Delicious! Love the generous portions.

                                           The bump :)
I know, I look kinda smallish for 6 months. I'm waiting for a huge growth spurt soon enough.


  1. Aw, you look great! My sister in law didn't really start showing until about 6 months - every woman is different.

    Can't wait to see the finished product of the furniture painting - I didn't realise you could buy unfinished furniture at Ikea. What a great idea!

  2. Hehe I wish I could put those Ikea things together! I usually leave them to hubby to do. You must be so excited-three months will fly by!

  3. You are so cute and little! Wow! Doesn't it feel good to finally get your ducks in a row? Also, I'm super impressed that your hubby put together the Ikea furniture without instructions, their stuff can be SO tricky!!

  4. Julia-I didnt know about that kinda furniture at ikea either. But when we were there a few weeks back they had some, so we snapped them up!

    Lorraine-There must be something in a man's DNA that helps them with stuff like ikea furniture ;)

    Anne-Marie-I too was very impressed when hubby put it all together, I couldnt believe how quick. So good to have some things for baby now. We're getting there slowly.

  5. What a tiny little baby bump! My belly is that size after a big dinner LOL!

    So excited for you!

  6. haha Shailisa!!!! Can't wait to meet up and you can meet the bub!!

  7. OH WOW !!!!! I have missed so much of your blog... you look so cute ! I love the furniture too! I want some thai food too now that I have seen thissssss!!!!!
    I am so excited for you !

  8. Oh how lovely!! I can't even imagine how it must feel to have the bub kick :) Your bump is super cute (hope that doesn't sound strange!). Nursery is looking good!!
    Heidi xo

  9. No instructions?! Is your husband MAGIC? Furniture assembly scares me :P

    And squee baby bump! Go you!

  10. SQUEE! So excited! I wanna see you before the bub so I can intrusively rub your belly lol

    You are all over this baby thing. Wanna plan my wedding?

  11. Heidi- No that doesn't sound strange lol!

    Hannah- I know he is an Ikea genius!

    Shailisa- Hopefully we can meet up soon! And are you kidding me? I would love to help you plan your wedding. Too exciting!!!!


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