Tuesday, April 19, 2011


A few days ago we lost our beloved family dog Pepe.

Poopy has been with us since 1999.

He always made us laugh with his crazy antics. He was a nut that loved to eat way too much, sleep and give lots of kisses.

Having a dog like Pepe in your life changes you for the better. Having his little tail waggling and barking at you to hurry up and get inside the house so he can smother you in kisses, or check your shopping bags for treats, always put a smile on your face.

I never knew having a dog would be such an emotional roller coaster. Or that any of us would be so attached to a little animal the way we were with Poop.

He will be missed. Love you always Poopy. R.I.P


  1. Oh nooooo :( :( :(

    I know exactly what you mean about never realizing a dog could mean so much. I didn't know until I got Mooky.... she's my everything.

    Hope you're ok chicken :( :( :(

  2. Thanks Merowyn. It's been difficult and sad.

  3. Oh Leah I am so sorry. This is heartbreaking. Thinking of you during this difficult time. Pepe is up in doggy heaven now, playing with all the other pups and having lots of fun, I'm sure. You must miss him so much. Lots of hugs,
    Heidi xo

  4. I do miss him heaps. Thanks Heidi xo

  5. Oh no!

    I'm so sorry to hear that sweetie. I just submitted an assignment and was dropping bye (interweb drop bye any way)to see what you were up to was not expecting such sad news.

    I know how upsetting this must be for you

    GIANT interweb HUG



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