Thursday, May 12, 2011

Wedding Fever

I have had wedding fever for a few weeks now cause of Wills and Catherine! I think she looked absouletly stunning. Simple, understated and more importantly herself. Wills looked good too, but we all know that a wedding day it is about the bride.

I have been going through my wedding photos since finding out I was pregnant. I have been so emo, my wedding really gets the tears flowing. I get teary remembering how much fun and love filled that day.

I tried to keep everything simple. Simple dress, simple flowers, and just going with the flow. Not really having too much of a fixed idea of what I had to have really helped. So much easier to have a simple colour scheme and decorations.

I also decided early on that I only wanted to just have a maid of honor, a very good friend of mine, and my brother was the best man, as he introduced us many years ago!

The only thing that hubby and I were determined to have spectacular was the food at the reception. We went with a favourite venue of ours, the GPO in sydney, and poured most of our wedding budget into that. It was worth it the food was delicious, exactly what we were after and more. We had the whole lower ground floor, for our rowdy greek wedding.

I will never forget the feeling of that day. I was filled to the brim with love, happiness, excitement, joy and anticipation of a new beginning.


  1. Thanks for sharing your beautiful wedding day story. You both look good together. I also love the fact that you spent the bulk of the budget to the reception. Apart from the wedding vows and the walk down the aisle, it is also fulfilling to know that your guests love the food like it was something remarkable for them. I will definitely do it the same way you did. Hopefully soon :)

  2. gorgeous photos!
    I love the one of your guests showering you with confetti!

  3. Thank you Blair! It was the best decision we made for the day. It made our guests so happy to eat great food and have great drinks. It really kicked off the night!

    Desert Darling, this is one of my favourite photo's, us coming out of the church to a shower of rice. Just love the action shot. :)

  4. You look so stunning!! Beautiful pics. Makes me so excited for our wedding :)
    Heidi xo


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