Friday, June 3, 2011

Baby update and going Bonkers

This cute little fluffy sheep if for bub to lie back on all snuggly, and play. 

Paddington Bear was a gift from Auntie Lou, bubba's first toy :) I bought the little night light, it's a little hedgehog that glows different colours.

Just a few of the many clothes I have bought for bub. There really is nothing cuter than baby clothes! Tiny little human clothes also make me EMO!

I have been eagerly anticipating the birth of my first baby for what feels like forever! I have been sick, tired, had swollen feet, ankles and legs. Not to mention leg cramps from hell!!!! Not being able to sleep is the worst though. I toss and turn trying desperately to get comfortable, if it isn't the bubba kicking so hard it wakes me, its heartburn or the need to go to the toilet! And I'm always hungry! If I see something appetising online or on the TV I have to have it!

I have been nesting like a crazy woman. Cooking and freezing food, cleaning like the queen is coming, totally spotless. I have always been a bit of a cleanliness nutter but this is different. I feel like de-cluttering like a mad woman. I wish though I could do more, waddling around trying to get things done is not ideal.

By the time the afternoon comes round, I'm putting on the TV and falling asleep. I have never before slept in the afternoon. I'm just not one to take nanna naps! I anticipate this will also happen a lot when baby is finally here.

Being in the last trimester I have been tired and so emo, it is ridiculous. I cannot watch ANYTHING on TV that is remotely sad. It triggers a waterfall of tears, and an urge to do something about it. My husband has put a ban on certain TV shows of an evening, no more Bondi Vet.... I wanted to watch Four Corners, a Bloody Business, about the export of Aussie cattle to Indonesian slaughterhouses, but both my husband and mother advised me strongly not too :( So instead I contributed by letter writing.

It doesn't help that I have been stuck at home with not much to do but wait...

The few things left to do:

  • finish the nursery
  • clean house
  • cook more frozen food for when we arrive home
  • finish packing hospital bag
  • double check the baby's list, nappies, bottles, clothes, make sure I have all the basics we need for a newborn. 


  1. I feel like it's been forever too!! hehe. I can't even imagine how much of an emotional roller coaster you must be on. Good luck!! So exciting :)
    I adore Paddington Bear - so pleased your bub will have one too!
    Heidi xo


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