Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Belly Update

This was me and the bump on the weekend. I had so much fun with hubby. All we pretty much did was eat, and sleep hahaha.

I'm so close now to my due date now, the anticipation of meeting my little one is killing me! I am really grumpy and moody one minute, then the happiest I've been in a while. Not to mention how uncomfortable I am. There is no sleeping. No matter how many pillows I use to prop myself up, or use under the belly. My husband bought me a Bellybean and it helps, bless him, I recommend it to any preggo out there!

Its the little legs I can feel kicking my ribs at night. The bumblebee has taken to being a night owl. I really hope this is not the case later on!!! It is the strangest feeling having this little worm wriggling around inside you. You know it's a tiny human, but its also hard to get your head around that fact.

I'm trying to get in as much selfish time with my husband as I can, as I know we won't get any when the little bumblebee arrives :)

I can't contain my excitement. I just hope bub arrives safe, and soon :)

Saturday: Really good fish and chips, by the water.

Sunday: I sat by the water while hubby ordered us a couple of Gozleme's. Even though the weekend was miserable, weather wise, I love where we live, it's always beautiful.  
The line up for a Gozleme.

I love watching the Turkish ladies making and flipping the Gozleme's.

I always get the spinach and feta.

Monday night: Cheesy Vegetarian Lasagne


  1. Aw! What a beautiful belly (and top)! I've wanted to be pregnant since I was about 15 (I don't realistically want a kid, I just want to be pregnant :P )... it's so beautiful!

  2. I know what you mean Hannah. I've wanted to be pregnant for such a long time too. But I have to say this pregnancy has taken all the wonder away from me. It has been terrible lol.
    Soldier on I say :) The end result is the only thing that keeps me going!!!

  3. wow. yay. you look stunning. thanks for another inspiring post. would love if you stopped by to see my latest outfit post and celebrity trend report. xoxo

    Don't forget to follow on twitter for all the latest celebrity fashion news from an LA stylist.!/fashboulevard

  4. Blessings for your upcoming birth. you look gorgeous!

  5. Thanks Fash Boulevard, your very sweet!

    wholelarderlove-The fish and chips WAS perfect, have been craving it since lol :)

    Thank you so much Jodi :)

  6. Oh Leah you look simply stunning!! What an exciting time. & I think you're so right on, trying to spend lots of lovely quality time with your hubby before your extra addition! :)
    Heidi xo

  7. woah look at you!!!!
    all the best with the birth, how exciting for you! Hope you share a photo of the little one on here :) xx

  8. Hi Leah, thanks so much for stopping by my blog. It's nice to meet another Sydneysider seeing as we are relocating there from KL in the next month :) I was excited to see that you are expecting your own bundle of joy VERY soon... you look great... and motherhood is the BEST thing ever, you will love it! Goodluck with the birth and I look forward to hearing your exciting news soon! S x

  9. Mmm, gozleme....We tried them for the first time at The Rocks Market last year. So delicious.

  10. Thanks Sonja! I can't wait to have this baby, i'm way too excited I think ;)

    I know right! How good is gozleme Julia???!!! I get crazy cravings for it!!!

  11. I know how you feel, even though I am still anywhere from 8-12 weeks away from finally meeting bubs, but it is a weird feeling. And mine also seems to come alive at night for a kicking fest, the kicks to the ribs do hurt the most. I've been using one of those enormous preggo pillows, but that bellybean looks so much more comfy!

    And yum to the food! Gozleme and vegge lasagne, droool.....

  12. Oh hun wait till bub is much bigger and stronger. Creepy when you can see the foot sticking out!!! The kicking that was once so cute and fluttery, and put a smile on your face becomes so much more painful :( Close now though!!!!!! :) Hard to contain my excitement.
    Oh and thanks about the food also! xo


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