Sunday, June 19, 2011

Food Budgets

I have decided to add a budget food label section to my recipes. I love working on budgets and do this every week for myself and my husband, maybe I need a full time job??

With the cost of groceries rising crazily and good fresh food becoming a luxury, it is easy to understand why so many people eat poorly.

Don't get me wrong we are not perfect, but I try really hard to make fresh, tasty and healthy food without blowing the budget every week.

I am also going to try and make it quick, or at least easy type food. I am pregnant at the moment and I know that my cooking will change due to the amount of time I will have in the kitchen. I have constant panicked thoughts on still making fresh healthy food for my family, without having to spend all day in the kitchen, and having to sacrifice any precious time with them.

Shows like Masterchef and My Kitchen Rules are very inspiring, and I love them, but I sometimes wonder if they realise it would be cheaper to dine out than to put together some of the dishes they create!

When I see 12 little lamb cutlets are almost $40 I want to cry. And the price of fruit and veg is crazy. Fresh herbs are now ridiculously expensive also, yet another thing to add to the way too expensive pile. I have a girlfriend of mine, who's little boy chose banana as his treat for the week, while grocery shopping with mum INSTEAD of junk. When a child choses fresh produce over chips or chocolate as a treat, I know we should rejoice, but it is very sad that these can't be an everyday food now. I remember as a child always having fresh fruit and vegetables in the house.

We all know we are better off growing as much of our own produce as we can, but honestly who has the time, or space to do this?? It is fun to maybe grow herbs in pots etc, but even then they don't always succeed.  

I am so lucky to be living in a beautiful part of NSW. We have fresh produce all around us. Plenty of farm fresh eggs, fruit, vegetables, seafood and even meat. I'm very spoilt. I just wish that more people would support local farmers, and seasonal produce, and go to farmers markets that pop up everywhere now.

I hope this new budget section's serve you well, and please any feedback is welcome.


  1. This is a great idea!!!
    I think in this day and age with things like lamb and bananas being the price they are it's important to know where your budget is going.

    Fortunately I don't like bananas, not like your friends son :( :( :( poor kid!

  2. Mez you are too funny, are we going to start this again???? Banana's are awesome. You can have your chili hahahah :)

  3. I don't like bananas either! And my husband doesn't eat them because they are not good if you have diabetes.
    Our poor child will be deprived.
    As for adding a "budget" section to you recipes - I think this is a brilliant idea.
    I would be very interested in that - as you know I too am having a baby and budgeting is going to become very important.

  4. I'll definitely be interested in budget ideas and info! After being quite careful for a while, I've started slipping back into costly fun foods like fake chicken and novelty health-store buys...

  5. Thanks Sammie. I'm sure your little one will not be deprived of anything. The little one might love banana's! My husband and I laugh about this all the time. My little bumblebee might adore chili! BLEG! That's all i need....LOL

    Hannah, it's so easy to go and buy from a health food store isn't it? But they are sooooo expensive it's insane. You should try to buy as much as you can online you'll be surprised how much you can save.

  6. i wish i could work on budgets better i really need to get into a habit of budgeting myself better

    stop by sometime<3


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