Friday, August 12, 2011

Little G 5 weeks already!

My little girl is changing and growing so quick. I can't believe I had her 5 weeks ago!!! It is crazy how quickly time goes.

Chucky was a little miffed that a new person had my time, but he is slowly getting used to her. He loves the ladies most of the time anyway, so I knew he wouldn't be miffed for long lol.

So far getting to know each other was difficult at first, but it is getting so much better. She has had colic and reflux, not much fun for either of us. Also breast feeding was painful and hideous, not something either of us looked forward to...But it is much better now, thank God....

She is learning to smile too. It makes every scream and horribly poo'y nappy etc so much better lol :)

Oh and she loves Adele and Angus and Julia Stone, what can I say she has great taste in music like her mother!


  1. Awww she adorable!!! Very pretty in pink :) And great music taste ;)
    Hannah xoxo

  2. Oh my goodness they grow so fast! And yep, once they start smiling at you it makes the not-so-great moments that much easier to take.
    Did you listen to those artists whilst she was in your belly? I heard that whatever you listened to most seems to soothe them when they are out. I've been listening to Adele quite a lot lately so I'm expecting my little one will probably like them too when they arrive - hubby on the other hand has been playing Queen whenever he can for the same reason :)

  3. This is a really strange question but you didn't happen to be in Lane Cove having a facial today did you? Because I saw a baby that looked just like Little G today! :)

  4. Your little girl is just gorgeous!

  5. oh thanks so much Hannah. xo

    I did listen to those artists when she was in my belly! All the time actually!

    Hi Lorraine! no not in Lane Cove... I think most babies look quite similar until they reach a certain age :)

  6. Wow that little thing right there is just beautiful and such great music taste at a really young (literally!) age. I guess it really helps when the people around her listen to that kind of music, too. I remember my nephew when he was younger and we would play rock music all the time because it helps him calm down, lol.

  7. What a beautiful girl! Congratulations and well done getting through colic with your sanity in tact - I've heard it can be quite tough. Little G has great taste already! Baby smiles are the best kind.

  8. She is very cute Julia thanks :)

    Ive heard so many people say that about rock n roll Melissa!

    Thank you so much Keely ;)

  9. Leah she's just glorious :) the early days sound challenging for sure. Well done for persevering!! What a crazy, magical time.
    Heidi xo


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