Monday, August 29, 2011

My Sunday In Pics

Sunday was family day! Our first outing all together. 

It was also Hubby's and my 10 year anniversary of our first date. Every year Hubby asks why this is important to me. Simple, I knew he was my 'one' from that moment. 

I know it sounds cliche, but I just knew that life was going to be different. 

I have always wanted to be married with kids. I knew I was born to be a mother. I never knew how much I would also love to be someones wife...

Little G. She is all smiles after breakfast.

I think I have said this a million times, but I live in such a beautiful part of NSW. I'm a lucky girl.

The little park where we stopped for the picnic lunch I packed. I forgot to take pics of food, but we had healthy wholemeal vege wraps, and I baked these the night before for a sweet treat!

Now anyone that knows me, knows how much I HATE birds. They swoop and ALWAYS rudely interrupt my walking! This bird, the ibis, is my most hated. I get goosebumps even seeing it from afar. I also know when my mum reads this how much she will laugh! No one understands my bird pain :(

Chuck on my lap. He tries to get as much mumma time as he can now, as I'm always with the baby.

Chucky loves to jump in the buggy carriage when he is pooped, so cute. He barks sometimes at people, dog's or whatever. The amount of people that look into the buggy thinking it is my daughter barking is hilarious, not realising it is coming from the under carriage cause Chucky is so small.


  1. No way! It was hubby's and my 7 year anniversary yesterday too since we began dating.And I was exactly like you, hubby was the only man who ever scored that second date as I knew from date one he was it. I also always wanted to be a mother and a wife my whole life.

    How lovely you celebrated that date this year with your daughter :) I was secretly hoping my little one would be born on our anniversary but alas he/she is still happily in my tummy.

  2. Wow what a coincidence!

    Yeah it was really special to us to actually be a little family now!

    Im sure your little boy, yes i still think it's a boy! will make an appearance very soon ;)

  3. What a gorgeous picture of Little G! She's a girl after my own heart being that she's happy after breakfast ;)

  4. Congrats on the anniversary! I think most gals like to celebrate the first date or first kiss, just as much as the wedding day. You guys are such a gorgeous family - and Chuck is too cute!

  5. Oh, I definitely understand your bird pain. I am terrified of birds. Cannot handle them being near me at all. So fluttery and swoopy and horrible. Ick.

  6. wow, the 29th was mine and Ben's 10 year anniversary too!! Crazy :) What a beautiful Sunday!
    Heidi xo
    p.s. I'm also terrified of birds. gah! the horror.

  7. What a cuite right Lorraine :)

    Thanks so much Keely. I feel like the luckiest lady alive :)

    Julia, I can't stand how they rudely interrupt my walking. I can't enjoy it :( Now it is getting closer and closer to spring, I will have to start wearing a hat for protection!

    NO WAY Heidi!!! that is crazy, hope you two had a lovely day together! I'm sure the bird fear is the swooping!!!

  8. How cute ! I so forgot to ask you how things went on Sunday :( What a bad friend I am. UMMM how cute is Chuck riding in the bottom...... that made me laugh so much. He wants to feel important too !!!

  9. cute little girl .. i love her smile .. and i love your dog too .. nice pics .. great post ..

  10. That smile slays me! What a gorgeous chickadee!

  11. lol tooo cute doggy in the buggie!! I'd love to see the look on those people's faces when they think it's your little girl that is barking :P


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