Thursday, September 29, 2011

Little G 12 weeks Today

My little G is already 3 months old!!!

I love how you:

Throw yourself back after a feed, with your little arm up, look at me and smile, like that was the best meal ever! 

Tummy Time! You love it. Sometimes you struggle and grunt, but your very good at it.

Smile. Hubby and I call it smizing cause you really smile with her eyes.

Will suck almost anything, your hand, fingers, whole fist but only the right side, or little Sophie the giraffe.

Let out a couple of giggles to now! Too precious. I can't wait for you to really giggle. Right now, your not sure where it comes from LOL. 

Always have to be in your bouncy chair to poo LOL.

Are babbling to yourself all the time now. I wonder if you have imaginary friends already?

Make me smile even when you have a sad face.

I can't wait to see what other magical moments we are going to share my sweetie xoxo


  1. Oh such a precious post! I always joke that my lil girl is milk-drunk after a feed, so totally blissed out, she also lifts her hands above her head and gives me the biggest grin :)

    And I also love their little sade faces with their turned down lip - your little girl has such an adorable 'sad face'

  2. This post just made me cry !!!! I think it made me clucky too... So beautiful ! xx

  3. She's so so beautiful!! And her smile is so delightful, it made me smile :) xx

  4. How precious is she. What a beautiful treasure.

  5. Thanks Suze! xo

    Aren't they funny after milk CC11?? She is always making me smile :D xo

    Awww Aunty Sophie, we didn't mean to make you cry. She makes everyone clucky!!! xo

    Thank you Hannah, her smile is amazing.xo

  6. thank you Hotly Spiced, she is my little treasure.

  7. oh! bless! so adorable. What a lovely post. She is such a cutie, look at that grin!
    Heidi xo


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