Monday, September 5, 2011

My Sunday In Pic's

I woke up, really early and saw 'the bunny' outside my kitchen window. This little bunny has been visiting our street for about 3 months now. It is so cute watching the little kids in our street, run around trying to grab 'BUNNY!!'

Stealthy bunny

 Being Father's day today, I made my hubby brunch. Toasted pane de casa slice, crispy bacon, scrambled eggs with tomato and goats cheese, topped with spinach and rocket.
 I also made a white chocolate mud cake, topped with little bits of crunchy toffee.

Little G happily chewing on her 'sophie' toy.

Tired and well and truly ready for bed. Goodnight all xo.


  1. Hehe I would have been besotted with that bunny when I was little! How lucky for the neighbourhood kids to have a resident bunny.


    Love, love, love the bunny! We have a penchant for them in our household, I don't know when or how it started but we seem to have quite a few bunny things - including 2 soft bunnies for the dog.


  3. How lucky are the kids around here hey Lorraine??? I wish my childhood was filled with chasing bunnies :)

    I'm going to post the recipe for the mud cake soon, it was that good Mez. Little chucky has a toy bunny also, for that matter so does little G now hahahah.

  4. How cuteeeeeeeee is little G she is growing up so fast and how cute is her giraffe called Sophie - the best name haha.
    I am a sucker for white chocolate + Toffee ! ooohllalaala....
    How cute is stealthy bunny !!!!!

    Ps. I am coming for breakfast/brunch at your house.


  5. Thanks Sophie. I knew you'd like the giraffe ;) Can't wait for you to get proper cuddles xoxo

  6. That last picture is too cute for words!
    I want a Sophie for Abi!

  7. Naaw a bunny near your house, so cute! Sometimes I catch glimpses of bunnies on the train to uni, although it's rare! The brunch you made looks so scrumptious especially with the goats cheese, yummo :) xox

  8. Good job, Leah, for baking and making such beautiful food for your hubby's first fathers day! What a special day it must have been for you all :)
    Heidi xo

  9. Nawww how cute is bunny! And how gorgeous is Little G! That cake looks amazing, I might have to try it sometime xx


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