Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Weekend in Pics

Hubby and I decided to surprise the family and spend the weekend down in Sydney.

A few pics from last week.

Day 1:
Little G on the drive there. She was great on the long drive :D She slept and looked around. It was wonderful!! I had time without my little koala, clinging to me.

My gorgeous little Niece, she loves the camera.
Little G kept stroking the back of her cousins neck and she hated it!!!!
My naughty girl hitting her cousin, by accident. She was NOT IMPRESSED!

Little G and I shopping in Bondi. She has spew down the front of her.....But she's happy!

Everyone (by everyone, I mean all the GEN Y's LOL) were lining up to have their names stamped on a coca cola??? Meh, what the heck for? 
I have to have Thai Riffic. I always crave it when I'm in Westfield Bondi.

Day 2
Coffee and much needed hot chocolate from Brasserie Bread. You can tell the coffee belongs to my husband, cause he dumped sugar in there before I could get a pic.

Beans, bacon, egg and sour dough.
Panini, bacon, spinach, egg and hollandaise. Mine lunch of course. I find it difficult to go past hollandaise.....
Little G, pooped and sleeping in her cousins bed.
Chucky on the drive back to Port.


  1. Aww she's growing up so fast! How time must fly!! I'm yet to try hollandaise sauce- it does look super delicious & creamy :) Fun weekend! xx

  2. AWWWWW leah she is growing up so much !!! gorgeous!
    Same with your brothers kid too ...
    you always make me want coffee when I see your posts .


  3. Such a lovely weekend! That pic of her hitting her cousin is priceless :) I'm yet to find the appeal in hollandaise. I just feel you already have a runny yolk, why do you need more yellow runny sauce?...maybe I need to do more research to appreciate it ;) Everyone else seems to!!
    Heidi xo

  4. She is growing way too quick Hannah!!!

    How cute is my brothers little girl now Sophie!!!!

    Heidi, you can never have enough runny yolk goodness!!!! :D

  5. What a fun looking weekend full of cute babies and good food! :)

  6. Love the photo of the dog. He looks thoroughly spoilt.

  7. Leah I think she looks like your brother!

  8. Ohmygosh, how is Miss G so grown-up already? I feel like I'm going to blink and then see a post about her 3rd birthday party, complete with fairy bread! :P

    She just keeps getting cuter, too :)

  9. It was a lovely weekend filled with lots and lots of cuddles Lorraine.

    Yeah the dog was very spoilt on the drive home, Hotly Spiced, but only then. He has been pushed to the bottom of the list now....

    How much does little M, look like my bro now Sophie!!!?? She is such a gorgeous little euro-asian baby.

    I know right Hannah, I keep thinking she is growing way to quickly!!! I desperately want her to slow down...

  10. What a couple of cuties!! and Chucky! hehehe too cute!


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