Friday, December 2, 2011


I am always desperately trying to make healthy and quick meals for hubby and I. I hate the idea of having takeaway, (expect we have taken to a fish and chip shop here they do incredible prawns all super fresh. You can watch them haul in fish off the marina, straight into the back of the shop!!!) 

So for us it is a lot of super sized salads, my favourite thing in the world. You can put whatever you want in a salad! L.O.V.E them :D

But recently I have wanted something a little more, “dinner” like. Bring in the Frittata. They are so easy to whip up whenever you can during the day, and then serve them hot or cold! GENUS!

This makes one large frittata. Usually I will only make a small one using only 3 eggs, but cause we were moving soon, I wanted to throw in whatever I had in the fridge/freezer.

5-6 eggs depending on how much is in the frittata 
1-2 tablespoons sour cream
2 tablespoons grated romano cheese
2 teaspoons massel vegetable stock powder
3 large mushrooms cooked and sliced, I like to fry mine with a sprig of rosemary, olive oil, garlic, 1/4 small red onion and white wine
2 small potatoes boiled or microwaved then cubed, I use a mixture of both sweet and white potato
3 small pork sausages cooked and sliced
6 kalamata olives, pitted
1 zucchini steamed or microwaved, then sliced 
8 cherry tomatoes sliced in half
¼-1/3 cup frozen corn and/or peas

Use a fry pan with a stainless steel handle. 
Preheat your oven to 180C fan forced.

Mix the eggs with a tablespoon of water, sour cream and the romano and set aside.

Fry the potato, in a little olive oil for about 5 minutes. Just to have them a little crispy and coloured. Next add the rest of the ingredients, including the vegetable stock powder to the pan, season to taste.

Then add your egg mixture. Stir this for a moment, just to get the eggs slightly cooked and set on the bottom. Cook this on the stove for about 5 minutes.

Put the frittata in the oven for about 10-15 minutes. Make sure to watch it so it doesn't burn. I like to then leave it to cool in the pan, it makes it so much easier to slice. 

This even freezes well!!! Like is said earlier GENIUS!!! 


  1. Yum..this is my kind of dinner!! Nice tip about freezing leftovers, although I don't think ours would last that long!! ;) Have a nice weekend x

  2. I love using up all the stuff I have in the fridge and not wasting anything!
    Problem here is that I always forget about the eggs! And by the time I go to use them they are off :-(

  3. Thanks Hannah, normally there is nothing left to freeze!

    Me too Sammie!!! I hate wasting food. I am always looking at ways to eat and use EVERYTHING!

  4. It looks so great and chock-a-block full of deliciousness!! You're so right about Salads being amazing, but my man has a complex - he needs a hot meal haha. When in Europe I always flirt with the idea of having a picnic style dinner, with beautiful produce, but he was never enthusiastic. Crazy man.
    Heidi xo
    p.s. olives in a frittata, awesome!!

  5. Holy moley that is one hefty fritatta!!
    And I agree about the take away, but with a small baby who seems to constantly be attached to my boob I have also been having my fair share of fish and chips or Grilld burgers lately :(

  6. This looks so fantastic! I haven't made a frittata in such a long time, but the last time I did it was a similar 'throw everything in' type creation. Love how much flavour you can create that way! And oh, how I long for fresh seafood! Stupid inland city...

  7. Hubby used to be the same Heidi, but I have slowly converted him!!!
    Its so difficult going from cooking everything to introducing takeaway to your diet isn't it CC11!!! Such a struggle finding something decent without spending a fortune!!!

  8. I feel for you Hannah!! I really do! We NEVER found decent fish and chips in the ACT

  9. oh Sophie, you are too kind! xo

  10. I love frittata for dinner! It's so easy but so delicious. Like a slightly more complex (but by no means difficult) scrambled eggs! :)

  11. Exactly Lorraine! This is why I love it! Thanks for your comment :D


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