Monday, November 7, 2011

My Sunday In Pic's

Well yesterday was my birthday. It was exactly the kind of day I love, filled with family, slobbery baby kisses, lots of doggie cuddles and food!!!

 Breakfast was made by hubby, french toast with berries and bananas.

We are currently doing Seafood Sunday's. Made a lovely Prawn Pasta, click here for recipe.
 Then birthday cake!!!! Got to lick the bowl, and the beaters.......and the spatula....!!


  1. nawww Happy Birthday for yesterday!! that prawn pasta looks amazing!

  2. Aw this looks like such a wonderful day (and Happy Birthday!!) That cake must have tasted incredible, and poffertjes..totally want some now!

  3. Prawn pasta is a done deal for when I come and eat at yours. LOL
    I knew hubby would make you something fab. Could you please clone him and send him my way.

  4. Happy Birthday!!! Looks like an extremely great day :) sunshine, family, pancakes, prawn pasta (omg) and cake! Lovely. Happy first birthday as a mum!
    Heidi xo

  5. haha no worries Sophie :D

    Thanks Heidi xo

  6. Oh oh oh! French toast, sunshine, babies, puppies, and cake batter! Utterly perfect :) :)

  7. I wish my hubby would make me French toast in the morning for my birthday! :) Happy birthday! :)

  8. I know right Hannah, just perfect!

    haha Lorraine, my Hubby has a very limited repertiore, but a very good one none the less :D

  9. Happy birthday!!! And oh my what lovely treats you had, yum


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