Monday, February 13, 2012

Vanilla and Oatmeal Goats Milk Soap

I really love making cold pressed soap. My absolute favourite is making goats milk soap. It is so much easier than what I thought it was going to be.

The whole soap process is just like baking. You have all your ingredients measured out and ready to use. Then you add them in the right order and hey presto, SOAP!

Just like my fixation on knowing what I eat, I have to know exactly what goes into my soap products. See I used to have very bad acne...Nothing is worse than having adult acne! Honestly! At least when you are a teenager it is almost expected. I found it extremely embarrassing and I was mortified when my face would erupt.

I tried so many, many products and i must of spent way too much money. The products i tried were chemical filled and would work for a sort time, and i would be so happy. My skin and I would go out and be happy for such a short period. then it would be foul again within a week or two.

Then i discovered a product made in the USA, called Carley's clear and smooth. I was so happy with this product, but it was expensive to ship :(

Finally after doing some research online, i found recipes on making your own cold pressed soap. And it seemed complicated and frightening. I was worried about having to work with caustic soda. I have seen horrific burns made by caustic. 

But I thought it was try this or keep forking out way too much money on having products shipped. With all the right protective equipment I made my first batch of soap, and it turned out perfect! Oh happy days! Since then I have made so many I have had to place them in boxes for future use. Or for gifting, mostly to my family.

450 ml coconut oil
280 ml olive oil
56 jojoba oil
112 grams shea butter
112 mango butter
148 grams caustic soda
333 ml goats milk frozen into small cubes

Weight all the ingredients before you do anything. AND PLEASE BE CAREFUL USING CAUSTIC!!!!!!
Melt the butter and coconut oil together, then add the olive oil and jojoba. Set aside.
Line a mould with wax paper.

Start with putting the frozen goats milk in a large plastic container, and then that in a cold water bath. Carefully pour the caustic over the goats milk. The caustic will start to melt the frozen milk straight away. Stir to make sure it is incorporated.

Pour the caustic/goats milk mix into the oils.
Stick blend until you have a light trace. This is when I add my fragrance oils. Blend again until mixed well, but DO NOT over mix. (I find when using goats milk to make soap it tends to over mix very quickly!)

Pour into the mould. I cover the top with wax paper, then cover the whole mould in a towel to cool it down very slowly. I leave it over night then cut into desired bar sizes.

This loaf has lots of vanilla in it so, it will darken quite a bit, as above. I cure (dry) them for at least 2 months.


  1. As a teenager and young adult I never had a problem with my skin, and then I got pregnant and BAM, I discovered the horridness of acne, which after never having experienced it before was a knock to my self-confidence. As I was pregnant using any acne-targeting products was out of the question (due to chemicals etc).

    Well done for taking your skin care into your own hands - the soap sounds divine!

    1. thank you, it smells amazing, almost good enough to eat! :)

  2. You've sold me! I tried making candles once and I failed miserably but the idea of this being like baking is much more exciting! :D

    1. Making soap is so much better than making candles with endless possibilities :D

  3. Aaaaah! Totally never would consider making my own soap. What a brilliant idea and "flavour"!

  4. I so admire you for doing this, it is SO cool. and crafty. and natural and fabulous!
    Heidi xo

  5. Raw goats milk is a very refreshing drink that can give us healthy benefits. Incorporating the milk to the soap can be a very good ingredient that can make the skin healthier as well. I've tried goat milk soap and it's indeed an excellent beautifying product.


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