Monday, November 14, 2011

White Tea, Ginger and Aussie Clay Goats Soap

I absolutely love to make soap. There is something very satisfying about it.

But you never really know how the soap is going to turn out until it is cut. And even then you have to wait till it is fully cured, at least 6 weeks!!! and you can use it. You obviously need to be very patient to make cold process soap.

I see soap making like baking. The curing time being the "baking." You need to be exact on measurements, and timing.

Soaping can be super cheap or as expensive as you want, depending on the oils you would like to use. I like to spend a little, so my soaps are luxurious, creamy and smell amazing. And you get so much from a soap bar, so much cheaper than a gorgeous soap you can buy in a store.

I am also just as obsessive about knowing what goes into my soap, as I am with cooking. I have to know what I'm eating, I hate things with preservatives etc. SO why would I put them into my soaps?? 

450 coconut oil
280 olive oil
56 jojoba oil
112 shea butter
112 mango butter
148 caustic soda
333 goats milk

6 tables spoons White Tea and Ginger Fragrance
4 tablespoons Olive Green Australian Clay

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  1. Amazing! The combination sounds so luxurious & sounds like it would smell heavenly! They almost look edible...hehe ;) x


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