Friday, January 27, 2012

Jan Photo A Day, DAY 1-7

I have been doing the Jan photo a Day Challenge, set up by Chantelle at Fat Mum Slim. I think it is a wonderful photo/community sharing idea. 

These are my first week of pics. I have been posting to my Instagram, homeempress, if anyone wants to follow, please do! I will try follow you too :D

Day 1: you

                                          Day 2: breakfast
                                        Day 3: something you adore
                                            Day 4: letterbox
                                        Day 5: something you wore
                                            Day 6: makes you smile
                                             Day 7: favourite


  1. Aw, so much loveliness! Your red nailpolish is so fun & I'm super envious of your brekky! Is that an almond cake/bread? xx

  2. Thanks lovely Hannah. Yeah its a Vasilopita, a new years bread/cake, we call it a Greek Brioche. :D

  3. day 5! I have those shoes too! Got them for my birthday in December from my sister!

  4. How cute are those shoes! I love them. My sister's-in-law bought them for me for christmas!

  5. I too am jealous of your shoes & breakfast. x

  6. Thanks for your comment Aneets. Sometimes its great having an MIL that loves to bake :D

  7. Best brekkie ever! Love having cake for breakfast :) And yep, my smile and adore would also be bubs- I'm officially my baby's stalker

    great idea too - would look awesome in a mini album

  8. Love the shoes and bright toenails and the cake and tea. But most of all love the smiling pics of little G!

  9. I wish I had done this too!! Love the 1st four pics especially :)
    Heidi xo


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