Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Jan Photo A Day. DAY 15-20

Day 15: happiness. Hapiness to me is my lovely family and food.

Day 16: morning. I love making pancakes. We don't do it often enough. I made these in the morning, with banana and berries, and then forgot to take a pic, so I used one from my blog. Recipe link. 

Day 17: water. This pond used to be in our backyard!

Day 18: something you bought. Sunnies from Witchery.

Day 19: sweet. Passionfruit and white chocolate scone. Reminds me of when I was pregnant. Ohhh the cravings....

Day 20 : someone you love. This is my Hubby holding little G. Taken when she was about 4 months old.


  1. Is that last picture a tiny baby G? So adorable! Nice sunnies too!!!

  2. Yep Sammie thats her, at about 4 months. I love that pic of my husband holding her, she always fell asleep in his hand LOL, NOT anymore :D

  3. Aww she looks so sweet sleeping there! And that cake looks good -what is it? :D

  4. She is adorable when she's sleeping Lorraine :P It was a white chocolate and passionfruit scone!

  5. Did you dye your hair darker?

    Little G has such a gorgeous head of hair :)

    1. Yeah I did! Except I will have to go back to foils, my hair is way too grey!

      Yeah she does. I want her hair colour, its a gorgeous golden colour.


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