Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Motherhood 6 Months In

Little G now sucks on her big toe?!!?

Little Georgi is 6 1/2 months old I can't believe it. Time has flown by. There are so many things that she does now. I really love the way she looks at the world. Everything is new. 

Simple things make her smile. And What. A. Smile. It floors me every time. She has the most amazing large expressive eyes; she gets them from my husband. I just adore this little girl, more and more each day.

Her personality is really coming through now. She loves people, and they love her. It sounds like a cliché, but I think I have a very special little girl. 

She loves to stand, she hasn't taken to just sitting yet. She still prefers tummy time, or standing, (with help of coarse!) She is so strong! But she has to stand, since learning this, this is the only thing she wants to do now. Not sure what to do about the sitting now....

And she loves to go out. If G is having a practically bad day, I know I can take her for a walk in the buggy, and she’ll calm down straight away.

I have been trying desperately to wean her off the dummy, with no luck. She only needs it for sleep, not all the time, but she does need it :( 

She has also taken to solids like a hungry little piggy. Honestly, she says mmmm after each spoonful of tasty puree, it is the most adorable sound ever.  

I am loving every, well almost every, moment being a mother. My little girl makes everyday worth getting up at 5.30am..... sometimes 6. 


  1. How cute is her blonde hair!!! I can see you in her too! 6 months!!! OMG has it really been that long? I love that second shot !

  2. I know right Soph, If only I could bottle it to colour mine!!!

  3. She is a very special girl indeed. Look at that gorgeous smile! :D

  4. So cute! Abi isn't taking well to solids... Hope she changes soon... The thought of little Mmm sounds makes me smile.
    Little G is going to be turning one before we know it. Wow!

  5. Thank you for your lovely comment Lorraine xo

    Im sure Abi will soon love solids, just as much as little G does. I ate at the same time Georgi did, and she watched me with such envy, that I knew she was ready. Thanks for commenting Sammie xo

  6. Oh man - how time flies hey! And I remember a friend who after hearing about how little sleep I have, said I wasn't really 'selling kids' to her, she said tell me something good, and I said, it doesn't matter how tired or frustrated or close to breaking point I get, if she smiles, all of that is gone - I could live on one of her smiles for eternity - it really is amazing the effect your baby's smile has on you isn't it.

    And it seems both little G, and my little V also love tummy time and standing but not so much sitting haha :)

    1. It only takes the one smile to make the whole world seem so much better. Good to know that little G isn't the only baby trying to skip sitting ;)
      Thank you for your comment xo

  7. She is absolutely gorgeous! I too have a people person in D & I think it is pretty special too. Though we'll have to start talking about stranger danger sooner rather than later.

  8. oh geez I'm not looking forward to teaching G about stranger danger, she is such a little extrovert!

  9. Awe! Absolutely beautiful post :) That sound would make my heart melt too, how adorable. She's a yogi, so flexible! hehe. My how time has flown (even for me, sneaking peeks from afar!).
    Heidi xo


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