Thursday, February 2, 2012

Jan Photo a Day. DAY 21-31

Day 21: Reflection. This is the reflection off my NEW CAR!!!!

Day 22: your shoes. I am almost always in sneakers. I know it isn't fashionable, but I don't care.

Day 23: something old. My mum gave me these to wear on my wedding day. They mean the world to me.

Day 24: guilty pleasure. I always have to have chocolate in the house. Especially if it's dark.

Day 25: something you made. Pear and Strawberry bread, recipe link.

Day 26: Colour, OPI nail polish 

Day 27: Lunch, this is my typical quick lunch.

Day 28: Light. The sunlight this day, was glorious, so little G and I spend a lot of time outside.

Day 29: Inside your fridge. I had to do freezer as I dont have a fridge.  This is the only space I get at the IL's place...

Day 30: Nature

Day 31: Me , Again.
I skipped this one...I'm actually kinda shy and hate having my pic taken, let alone showing it on my blog.


  1. PB & J high five!! Best. & yay for a new car!!
    Heidi xo

  2. ooo new car! lucky you!

    Next time it asks for a pic of you, just do it of your feet or something ;)


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