Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Georgi's Christening 5/5/12

My baby girl had her Christening on Saturday.

It was a wonderful day filled with family and lots of love for my little girl. She is certainly one very lucky little one. She has a big family that love her very much.

And now a Godmother, that loves her and will always be there for her.

There was sooo much food, laughter and love, oh and a big pink princess jumping castle!

Little G cried her little head off once she was placed into the large urn to be baptised. At least she wasn't as bad as I anticipated. Once the church ceremony was over, she was ok. She was a little traumatised at bath time, but is back to her water loving self :)

What I wore, dark nails and a simple Zara dress, with Mimco necklace.

                                    My niece rocking faux fur!

G's amazing. Front.

                          Cap. My hubs called it her Mormon cap hehe!

                                    Back of the dress. Love. Big. Bows.

Booties. The lace ones came with the dress. Her Godmother bought the ballet slippers with wool trim, so she wore those.

Before the ceremony, she slept blissfully in the car.

With her Godmother :)

 After the ceremony. I had trouble getting her in the car seat cause of the length of the dress!

Her bonbonniere. Little keyrings, an Angel and a Cross.


  1. LOVE the dress it is PERFECT!
    How cute are the bonbonniere!!! The detailing on her dress is amazing! Where did they get it from?!

    1. Isn't the dress amazing Sophie!!! It is similar to the ones we saw on ETSY! Stunning :)

      Its from a place in Sydney, a shop in Earlwood.

  2. Happy christening G! Beautiful dress :)

    1. Wasn't it a stunning dress, her Godmother has great taste ! :)

  3. That dress is certainly stunning! I love Earlwood. Nearly bought a house there but was too expensive! :(

    1. I know right, the dress is stunning and Earlwood is so bloody expensive now!!! We were looking there too :(:(:(

    2. Ohhh that sucks. It gets really heart wrenching, this house hunting in Sydney. It just out of control. Peoples eyes roll back into their head and fall over when I tell them how much our old, unrenovated, only 2 bedroom home cost in a not so great suburb. Oh welllls.. it was the best we could do!! Chin up! You will find something.

  4. What a gorgeous, gorgeous dress to treasure :) Happy Christening! xo

  5. How beautiful! Love your dress, you looked fab, lady! & little G's dress is just plain magnificent. stunning! What a special day :)
    Heidi xo


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