Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Kreativ Blogger

I was recently nominated from The Legal Tart, for a Kreativ Blogger Award!
Thank you to Meg from The Legal Tart.

The rules are that I tell you 7 things about myself that my readers may find interesting, as well as nominate 7 other bloggers whom I enjoy.

My 7 things:

1. I HATE to fly. I have dreamed of a future, when I could just jump on a plane filled with butterflies of excitement NOT fear that the plane will crash, and ill end up in the nightmarish world of LOST!

2. I have always dreamed of going to New York and France. These countries have been on a to do list since i was a little girl. I have either been to busy with life, or never had the money *sigh* I bought a lonely planet guide to New York, when I was in high school, and I highlighted everything I wanted to do and see, mind you this was almost every page. The list just keeps growing!
I have to eat a croissant in Paris before I die, I just have too, and I know even if it isn't the best croissant, it'll taste like it at the time!

3. I can't swim. I know this is random right? Especially for an Aussie? Well I can swim, just not very well. Lets say if I was in the titanic when it sunk, I don't think I would've survived treading water, or trying to swim somewhere....

4. I have a sweet tooth, but I don't like anything too sweet. Yes I know, I'm a walking contradiction. I prefer to bake something sweet, than to buy it, so it doesn't have too much sugar in it! I ask for syrup on the side of my pancakes, or no sugar for my tea, and you will always see me scrapping or tapping the icing sugar off kourabiethes.

5. I'm a dog person. I don't really like cats too much. I think they are cute, but I'm a little afraid of them. They seem shifty. Like they are up to something, or are plotting something. I love my predictable and funny little dog Chuck.

6. I used to be vegetarian, until I started craving chicken while pregnant! I indulged my chicken craving and haven't stopped eating meat since. I still don't like a lot though, and prefer to eat mostly vegetarian. Mind you its not like I have been a vego my whole life, so I like the taste of good quality meat. I don't eat it for the sake of eating it every night, I can't stand eating too much of it. But there is nothing in the world like the intoxicating smell of bacon.

7. I have a touch of OCD. I like things to be just so. It's also cause I like a routine, so it helps if I know where things are. Thankfully Georgi loves routine too, so my little bit of crazy works out well for us.

7 Blog's I enjoy reading and TAG:

1. http://jemappellesophia.blogspot.com.au/ I love Sophie's style, from flowers to clothes, she is a super stylish girl.
2. http://peanutbandhoney.blogspot.com.au Reezy is a new mum, she too has great style and an open and honest blog.
3. http://eatyourfreakingvegetables.blogspot.com.au/ Hannah has great vegetarian recipes, and she often goes to places/markets etc I would never think of.
4. http://ironchefshellie.com/ Shellie always has me salivating at my desktop. I love her pics of food, and how honest she is.
5. http://allcatsaregrayatnight.blogspot.com.au/ Cate takes wonderful pics of her day to day. She always has me wanting leopard print shoes, or a cup of coffee, when I prefer tea! Cate's blog is like a big warm hug. I can always smell coffee and candles when I read her blog.
6. http://meanderingthroughmotherhood.blogspot.com.au/ Aneets is the funniest mummy blogger ever, and I hate the term 'mummy blogger' but Aneets carrys it well. She always has me laughing and I'm always waiting for her next post! Love this blog to bits.
7. http://lasscreative.com.au/ Laura is super stylish and has great taste, in home wares and anything to do with the house. In an ideal world where I can afford this, I want Laura to decorate my house.

There are so many blog I enjoy reading on a daily basis, these are only a small few that I love reading everyday!

Happy blogging bloggers :)


  1. I craved chicken while pregnant too!

    1. My poor husband was always cooking chicken pasta or chicken burgers, as I couldn't go into the kitchen cause of the morning sickness I had the entire pregnancy!

  2. You are welcome! Looking forward to reading your blog nominees :)

  3. Thanks Leah, I am in the process of writing mine.

    1. No problem Laura! Looking forward to reading yours xo

  4. Stumbled across your blog from the nomination on Sophie's gorgeous blog!

    Love yours, what a cute little space :) Look forward to reading more of your posts

  5. Thanks Leah :) Flying scares me too, even though it's apparently the safest modes of transport. Still scary! I don't know how to dive...always started in the water at school swimming carnivals! x

    1. FLYING SUCKS! I will have to get over my fear to go to NY and France though....:(:(:(:(

  6. Teehee, so we're pretty much the same person here! Except that I have made it to New York and France and, oh Leah, it's better than I even imagined :) And I'm not too fussed about flying; but I freak out carrying heavy things up and down stairs because I keep imagining falling and breaking my neck! :P

    Also, 3? I hate the water. Haven't even owned simmers in over ten years. HIGH FIVE.

  7. Congratulations Leah!! :D Nothing wrong with a bit of OCD ;)

  8. I just saw this! You are too sweet Leah! I am HANGING to go to New York too. The hubs & I have a plan to do it sans kids for my 40th in 4 yrs time. Cannot wait!

    I have been to Paris with my sis P23 & the pastries there are as awesome as you imagine! I also swim horribly, so so bad at it & hate getting my hair wet. I have made sure my kids are good swimmers as a result.

    I will get around to this meme this weekend as have lost my bloggin mojo. x

  9. Love this! mmmm the smell of cooking bacon. amazing. I'm with you on the sweet stuff! & I'm such a dog person, never had a cat ;)
    Heidi xo


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