Monday, July 23, 2012

Little G's FIRST BIRTHDAY AND Coconut Cake

I cannot believe my little Georgi is ONE! ONE people!

Each day is something new and exciting for both of us.

She is learning to walk at the moment. But she is still a little scared to do so on her own.

She now has 6 teeth, I have to say 6 sharp little buggers, that she knows how to use. Thank goodness I'm not breastfeeding her, she bit me with her gums, I don't want to know what it would be like with teeth!

She is clever, funny, charming and most definitely mummy's little girl. She can also be cranky, and very very stubborn and determined.

I knew right away what i wanted to do for her birthday cake. Hubby and I both wanted it to be homemade. We didn't care about the rest of the food for the day, we really wanted her to have a cake she would want to eat. Something fun! But also a cake that wasn't full of sugar, something sweet enough, but not over the top.

I have relised something when it comes to having a kid, the expectations. OMG it is nuts. Seriously can everyone relax please when it comes to kids? Honestly, why do people feel the need to judge and point out all the things your not doing?? Instead of letting the baby enjoy her day. Besides they dont know whats going on. Just chill the frack out people....ok?

It was a wonderful day. She even napped!

My gorgeous, but always serious in front of the camera, niece. Pics of her are always blurry cause she never stops running around :P

You can see where G pawed at the cake to have some icing!

Hubs and I having our tea and cake after everyone had left and the baby was tucked into bed.

Coconut Cakes with Raspberry Cream Cheese Icing

This made about 21 cupcakes, and a small 6 inch cake.
1 1/4 cup vanilla caster sugar, this is not a lot of sugar, by all means double it
250 ml whole block of butter, again this is not a lot of butter

6 eggs, at room temp
1 tablespoon vanilla extract

1 tablespoon + 2 teaspoons baking powder
6 cups flour sifted
400 ml can coconut cream
3-4 tablespoons milk
1/2 cup shredded coconut
packet of white choc bits

Preheat the oven to 180C fan forced.
Start by creaming the sugar and butter, for at least 10 minutes. It has to go lighter in colour. Then add eggs, incorporating one at a time. (It might not mix all the way but will come together when you start to add the flour.)

Next add vanilla and baking powder.

Then alternate a cup of flour, then some coconut cream, until there is nothing left of either. Then add the milk, coconut and chocolate chips.

Spoon into patty pans and pour about 3/4 way in a small, well greased or lined 6 inch cake tin.

I baked the cupcakes for about 20 minutes and the cake for about 45 minutes. I'm still trying to figure out my oven, so please forgive if this is not accurate.

Cream Cheese Icing

2 blocks of Philadelphia cream cheese, at room temp
4-5 cups icing sugar mixture
1/3 cup raspberries blended and strained for seeds

Mix all the ingredients either with a hand blender or mixmaster. Add the raspberry puree. Then enough milk to make a smooth icing, that would be easy to pipe and spread.



  1. nawwww can't believe she is 1 either! What a cutie!!

    This cake sounds delicious, and looks amazing the way you served it! Glad she got stuck in, paws and all :P

    Flagging this recipe to make!

  2. What a wonderful first birthday celebration, and hurrah for seeing photos of you!! :) Well done to you for having the party that fits with your values and beliefs. That's the most important thing! (That and cake. And love.)

    1. Im perpetually shy, so I hate posting pics of myself! But I really loved the ones with my daughter so I had too :)

      Thanks, the little one had a blast, thats all that matters xo

  3. Gorgeous, both the cake & yourself & G!

    1. *blushes* thank you so much Aneets xo

  4. The cake looks so delicious! Happy Birthday to your daughter, (cutie) :)

  5. LEAH !!!! How did I miss this post OMG !!! Congrats to you and your family and little g for her bday!!!!! You are looking fab too!!!! I love your hair!

  6. That cake is everything I love in one cake. Mmmmm raspberry! Cream cheese plus coconut. . . . yummmmmmmmmmm!!! lol.

    She looks so cute in her tricycle.

    1. Haha me too Laura! That's why I wanted to make it!

  7. Looks like a lovely day! What a blessing. May she have many more happy birthdays.

    1. What a lovely thing to say. Thank you Katie :)

  8. Happy birthday to little G! Belated, but I love this post. Love the icing paws :) you two are just so darn sweet.
    Heidi xo


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