Monday, October 29, 2012

Bakers delight

I first fell in love, and I mean REALLY fell in love with Bakers Delight when I was breast feeding Georgi. I was glued to the couch for the first month. Bub wanted to feed and feed and feed and that's it. I spent hours feeding. Desperately wanting food, at the very least snacks to keep me from fainting.

I had no idea how ravenous it made you. I read a few things about it. But it wasn't till I had to do it, did I truly understand the insatiable appetite I would have!

I will never forget the moment my mother put a passion fruit and white chocolate scone, from Bakers Delight in front of me. It was still warm from the oven. It had the most intoxicating smell, passion fruit. A favourite fruit of mine.

Fast forward to today. I was asked to try their new Lemon Sweet Range. You don't have to ask me twice. I had a few friends over for lunch and to try these new tasty treats. They sent over shareable Lemon & Cream Cheese Swirls, and Lemon & Cream Cheese Gourmet Scrolls.

I adore lemon. These swirls and scrolls were delicious. But I have to say I do prefer them slightly warmed through, it brings out the lemon flavour. I wanted it to have more of a lemon punch. But like I said I REALLY love lemon. The sour, mouth puckering type of love. The kids loved the cream cheese on top of the scrolls, typical they always want to eat all the good stuff! My niece kept climbing the chairs to stick her fingers in it!

It was going to be ridiculously hot day 36c! So going outside was now of the cards, but it turned out to be perfect.

I made a light lunch to accompany the Lemon Sweet Range,
Vege wraps,
Ham, cheese, tomato and mayo on grain bread,
Fresh fruit,
Homemade biscuits, Anzacs and shortbread,
Savoury cheese sticks and crackers

These lemony treats are definitely a wonderful morning tea treat. I love it with Madame Flavour's white tea with rose. It was a perfect match. Light and refreshing. Just make sure you warm it slightly. Really is soooo much better.

This brings me to my first giveaway!! I have been given 3 gift vouchers to the value of $10 each from Bakers Delight!

First prize is a Bakers Delight gift voucher to the value of $10.
A beautiful polkadot mug, as seen on the bottom left, and
Madam Flavours white with rose tea, in a lovely collectors tin.

Second and third prize is a $10 Baker's Delight Voucher each.

To win please leave a comment telling me what your favourite baked good is using LEMONS! Also either leave your email address, if it doesn't link back to one.

Who can resist Bakers Delight cape seed rolls, hands down better than the loaf, or the delectable passionfruit and white chocolate scones? Or the new Lemon & Cream Cheese Swirls, and Lemon & Cream Cheese Gourmet Scrolls?

Good luck I will be selecting my favourite answer and sending you first prize. The other 2 will be selected randomly.
This is open only to Australian residents.

Competition closes 6th November 2012

Monday, October 22, 2012

Thank You

I would like to thank everyone who tweeted, DM, PM, emailed and sms'd me in regards to my last post about my miscarriage. Thank you very much for unbelievably lovely and kind words.

It does sadden me to know that so many women have gone through such an ordeal. What amazing strength you all have.

1 in 4 women will have a miscarriage. Not enough talk about it. The pain, the anguish and actual physical side of it.

I am one of those people that needs to know everything. Especially if it involves something happening to me. I felt so much better knowing what was involved with having a natural miscarriage. And SO much better for being able to talk about it.

Thank you to those of you that listened to me when I needed it.

I am feeling so much better. I am lucky to have my daughter to keep me busy, and laughing every single day.

I am extremely lucky to have a kind and caring man in my life I call my husband. He is my best friend. We have been through a lot together. I hope this is the last miscarriage we both have to go through ever again. But if it isn't. I know we have each other. And of coarse our amazing little Girl!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Day I Want to Forget But Can't

I haven't written a post in a while. I have had my hands full with my boisterous daughter.

Little G is now 15 months old, and what a kid. She is the most amazing little human EVER!

Everyday i look at her I get clucky for more babies. I have always wanted to be a mother and I knew I wanted more than one child.

I have been kidding myself saying, if I only have Georgi, that's fine, I'm more than happy with her. but there is something very deep within that is questioning that thought. I want more babies! And i am trying to kid myself into thinking i don't. I don't get it? why am i not happy with Georgi, she is so amazing! What is it about having babies? Being pregnant is uncomfortable to say the least, and I always get violently ILL! Then the pain of childbirth, and then the actual looking after the child afterwards!!! SCARY!!!

Well I found out i was pregnant at the end of August. I can't begin to tell you how excited I was to have another child. a few weeks in I began to wonder why I wasn't sick. Why wasn't I throwing up like I always do? Everyone around me told me that I shouldn't be upset about that, celebrate and be grateful for being well! So I plodded along, thinking about the future made me smile. Georgi was going to have a brother or sister! How exciting!

Then about 10 days ago, I felt a strange sensation, and felt like I had to use the bathroom. so i got up went to the toilet, and there it was, blood. I felt nauseous and knew exactly what was going to happen. Another MOFO miscarriage :(:(:(:(

I was ordered to put my feet up, I was told things like;

"this happens to some women" 
"I know a women who bled throughout her whole pregnancy" And my favourite,
"you will be fine" FFS if i have to hear that again, I will scream!
"you can try again soon, it wasn't even a a baby yet"

This began on a Wednesday, and I was in hospital by the Friday, i ended up there until late Saturday night, when i was discharged to have my miscarriage naturally at home.

This is the worst. sitting around waiting for it to finish. it is heartbreaking to go through. Sometimes I wish I could have had a D&C, to get it over and done with.

I am feeling emotional, vulnerable, sick, weak, and generally blah. All over the place.

I know that it wasn't far enough along to be a baby, but it doesn't change the fact that I WAS PREGNANT. And know matter how much you say to yourself don't get excited yet, don't plan or do anything, you can't help it. You wonder, is it going to be a girl or boy? is it going to look like me or hubs? What am I going to name this one? Is Georgi going to love her sibling? Will they get along? 

The only person that understands what you have gone or going through is another women, that has been through it. That's it. Its is impossible to understand if you have never gone through it.

I don't know if I have the strength to even try again. Some days I think I do, but not yet. I'm no where near ready to try. What if I have another miscarriage? What if I'm never blessed with another child? Am I ungrateful? And when does the pain of losing babies end?