Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Sweets For My Sweet AKA Gooey Brownies

I have possibly an indecent love of Jamie Oliver, well not really the man, but the food! This man makes the kinda food I love! But let's face it I love all kinds of food!

Now I am loving the "new" series 15 minute meals, but Im not the biggest fan of anything low fat. I dont care about calories and whatnot. I only want to make fresh and healthy food for myself and my family. And that doesn't include anything low fat *gasp*

This brownie is from his 30 Minute Meals series. Seriously adapted. Less butter, and NO sugar. It still tastes amazing, trust me...Im a chocoholic. I really am, I prefer to eat the good stuff and savour it, you know? The darker the better.

The husband spends a lot of time away now. I am slowly getting used to not having him around all the time. Its not the ideal situtaion, but you have to soldier on. Otherwise you get lonely. So very very lonely. No matter how many people you have around you, its not your partner. Its not the same.

Does his absence make the heart grow fonder?.... Possibly?

Does it make me love him more?.... Maybe?

I hope this all happens for the greater good, cause i'm sick of being on my own.

When he is going to be home, I love nothing more than spoiling him with food, "how very 1950's of me" you say! I know and I LOVE IT! This is who I am. I relish looking after my family, the cooking and cleaning. This is my job. This is what I do. I take pleasure in doing it, and doing it well.

I am not perfect by any means, the house can be tragic and feral sometimes. But really who cares when you are having so much fun!

I'm no Martha Stewart, I don't sew, iron (I'm sure they make you do this in HELL) or fashion clothes out of curtains, or any curtains for that matter, but I can clean and cook!

These brownies make everything better. They hide the fact I haven't ironed my husbands work shirts....EVER. The smell alone makes most very happy. Imagine walking through the front door and having that smell smack you in the face.

Please feel free to adorne this beauty however you like. We like fruit and nuts. And it is mandatory that you lick the bowl and spoon! 

Makes 8-12

200 grams dark chocolate
180 grams butter
6 tablespoons cocoa
4 tablespoons self raising flour
4 eggs
pinch of salt
and up to 200 grams sugar, I don't add any. YEP NONE!
berries, chocolates and/or nuts, whatever and however much you wish to add.

Preheat the oven to 200C.

Melt the butter, then add the chocolate to melt that gently.

Mix all the ingredients together, no need to sift and be precious, this is why I love baking it. Then pour into a baking paper lined brownie tin. I have a small rectangular tin, not square. So you will have to bake a little longer if you own a square tin.

Bake in 200C oven for 12-14 minutes.

They come out gooey/soft in the middle, just the way we like them. They also continue to cook in the pan slightly.

Also I always use a dark eating chocolate with about 40% cocoa solids, like Lindt or Nestle. I never bother with cooking chocolates. I find that this is sweet enough for us without adding extra sugar. But in saying that, we don't like anything too sweet, and have been eating like this for a while. 
I would rather enjoy a little sweet every now and then, than quit sugar forever. I find this silly. Very very silly... 


  1. TOTALLY agree with you on not adding the extra sugar here, then it would mask the gorgeous bitterness of the chocolate!!

    I need chocolate today... badly.. might whip these up later.


  2. I could never "quit" sugar 100% completely (especially chocolate!!) but I have had to limit my sugar intake substantially for health reasons in the last year. I will definitely try this recipe next time I need a chocolate fix, looks so yummy and great to hear that it's still yummy without the 200g sugar!

  3. So are these brownies bitter??? I am not a big fan of dark chocolate, but it is better to cook with in my experience (but probably with the added sugar) I need to try these. I love choc and raspberry combination.

  4. That's so interesting that you don't add sugar but I think that it would really intensify the richness of the chocolate! And I also love spoiling hubby with food! :D

  5. I love this post :) Well, I don't love that you have to be apart... but you're doing a great job at soldiering on & keeping busy with your little miss. & yep, I do think that absence makes the heart grow fonder :) I love that you spoil him with cooking when he's home. I'm with you on that one. You're a most excellent wife. Well, not just wife, you're a most excellent lady in general.
    Heidi xo

  6. How have I not seen this post!!! Oh lordy lordy! It's the prettiest brownie I ever did see!! xo


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