Monday, July 8, 2013

Things They Never Tell You Before You Have A Baby

Kids get sick: When I say they get sick, they get sick All. The. Time! It is so frustrating, and heartbreaking! Makes you feel like such a shit parent. But you need to just be vigilant. And not let anyone go near them.....KIDDING, they will get over it. Better still GET A FLU SHOT! But kids are a bit feral and cause it that they get sick, just have a constant arsenal on the ready. Whatever it is you choose to use.

The Guilts: You will at some stage feel guilty about something. Said kid is going to hurt themselves or your just going to go food shopping, without them, and it'll hit you then. Sometimes you'll cry like an idiot in Woolies, but you'll also get over it just as quick.

Boob Feeding: Boob feeding hurts like a MOFO! That is all. Having said that I did it for 9 lovely months. Once I got past the toe curling pain, worse than childbirth (only cause I had an Epidural) pain. It was amazing, so soothing, most of the time, for both of us. Has it made the kid and I bond quicker or more so? I don't personally think so. I think we would of bonded anyway, but I do think it helps. There is something very animalistic about breast feeding your child, that really is so completely wonderful. I cherished every moment. And its a perfect pacifier.

Spewing: What's with that. I had a newborn that projectile all the time! FOUL! I know not all babies do it as much as G did, but they still spew a fair bit.

How easy they are to look after: There I said it. One child, yes, I'm not sure about more than one. But one is no where near as bad as what I had imagined in my head. I was riddled with anxiety in the last few weeks of pregnancy. Am I going to know what I'm doing? Dear God, am I ready for this? They are quite simple really. They just want the simple things in life. To eat, sleep, poo and have plenty of attention and cuddles. Sometimes I found that just having G in the bouncer everywhere I went, made her happy. She loved her bouncer. Of coarse there are times when they are shrieking the house down, and your thinking WHAT? WHAT IS IT BUB? You've fed them, sometimes a top up, changed their nappy, cuddled them, to no avail, to only have the both of you end up in tears! I find its better not to dwell on those moments. They will pass, and quicker than you think too.

Stuff: Kids don't know what toys, clothing etc are. You teach them that. They don't care for it when they are super little. You could have toys galore, most kids get bored by them so quickly. They prefer to have the company of mum and dad, or whoever their carer is, doing what they like. It could be a dance party, reading a book, whatever it is that your child truly loves, like eating.

JOY! The absolute crazy love and joy they bring to a family. Actually even to strangers. I see strangers smiling at my daughter, and talking to her (no not in a creepy way) and the way she smile's back at them, it makes my day. I genuinely hope it makes theirs too!

Children are an incredible gift. I have the biggest ball of sunshine wrapped in a little girl. She is incredible, and I learn so much from her everyday, I thought it was meant to be the other way round. I hope I don't forget that when G is having an almighty tantrum. Why do they always have the worst fit, PLANKING etc when you are out and about, so people stare and think God knows what about you both?!
My little G turned 2 on Sunday, I cannot believe the way time really does fly when you are having fun. I am a very blessed woman.


  1. Tantie in cafe this morning. My girl has some lungs in her! I can't imagine what others were thinking! Oh well! Horrified then. Couldn't care less now!
    Great post!

    1. I feel you! looks like something we need to get used too LOL! Secretly i don't care either...well mostly, cause its not like I can stop it.


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